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Final paper submission

Step 4. Submission of the final paper

The selected papers will be published after the conference in the ?nal journal publication by an international publisher after the conference. The selection is made by the Programme Committee based on the review after the conference. The papers accepted for the final journal print must be edited according to the comments given by the programme committee; discussions during the conference must be taken into account in the final paper.

Submission procedure of the final version of the paper is the same as in the Step 3.

The Programme Committee has right to withdraw any paper from the ?nal journal publication, if the proposed improvements are not implemented or if the paper is not technically prepared according to the formatting rules. The programme committee has also right to withdraw the paper that is not uploaded to the paper management system for final editing inside the given time frame.

The final journal print is indexed e.g. by Google Scholar, DBLP, Scobus and based on annual review in Web of Science.

SOLVING the LaTeX Problem

Please use

%not use this package it creates trouble

instead of mathtime. The mathtime package seems not to be completely ready yet. It has a number of flaws for mathematics and formulas and is not compatible with many other LaTex style files.