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Publication Procedure of Conference Papers

The Conference has adopted two step publication procedure

1. Publication of the papers in the conference preprint - papers accepted by blind review (three reviewers)

2. Publication of the final conference journal (re-review if critical comments are given in the conference)

The final proceedings have been published by IOS Press, Amsterdam, in the series of "Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications".

The final publication is listed at least by the following scientific citation index systems:

Web of Science (submitted for evaluation, pending WoS approval),
Google Scholar and
Microsoft Academic Search.

Submission procedure step by step

For all phases the EJC Paper Portal ( is used. The portal is maintained by Keio SFC.

Step 1. and 2. Author and paper registration and submission of a paper for review

Step 3. Submission of the "conference version" of the paper

Step 4. Submission of the final paper