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Paper and author registration for the conference

The first two steps for paper registration and submission a paper for review.

Step 1. Author and paper registration

The author will registrate the paper by using the "Abstract Submission Interface" in the EJC Paper Portal. In the registration phase

  • the author(s) give required contact and paper information, including the paper abstract;
  • as a response a unique paper code and a password for further communication is given by the system.
The paper code and password (= login information for the next steps) for further is also given by email. Because of that check carefully the validity of the email address registered to the system. Please, do your paper registration only once to avoid confusion in the paper management process.

Step 2. Submission of a paper for review

The paper will be uploaded to the EJC Paper Portal according to the instruction given below:

  • Prepare your paper using Word or TeX according to the formatting instructions included in the zip packages.
  • Additional instructions and tools for the preparation of an electronic camera-ready manuscript (in Word or LaTeX) are available on page
  • Produce PDF-file of your paper to be submitted for review; the file name of your paper must be Pnnn, in which nnn is your paper number in three digit format - e.g. paper number 34 is submitted as a file P034.pdf
  • Login to the EJC Paper Portal by using the "Paper Submission Interface". In login please use your paper code and password given by the system as login information;
  • Upload your paper to the system according to the guidelines given in the EJC Paper Portal

  • The paper may be re-uploaded - the latest upload is valid.

    SOLVING the LaTeX Problem

    Please use

    %not use this package it creates trouble

    instead of mathtime. The mathtime package seems not to be completely ready yet. It has a number of flaws for mathematics and formulas and is not compatible with many other LaTex style files.