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Submission of the conference paper

Step 3. Submission the "conference version" of the paper

The authors are expected to improve the paper according to the comments of the reviewers. The final "conference version" of the paper will be submitted according to the instructions given below and by taking into account the page limits of the paper category (full / short / position):

  • Improve your review version of the paper (Word or TeX) according to the comments and instructions of the reviewers.
  • Additional instructions and tools for the preparation of an electronic camera-ready manuscript (in Word or LaTeX) are available on page
  • Prepare a zip-package including the following items:
    • Word: (1) main source file and (2) pdf-file of the paper; the file names inside the zip package are derived from the paper number in three digit format - e.g. the zip package of paper 34 includes files P034.doc and P034.pdf. The naming of the zip package follows the same naming convention - in the case of paper 34 the zip file is
    • TeX: (1) a directory including TeX source and style files, and (2) a pdf- file of the paper; the directory including TeX files has name Pnnn-texfiles and the pdf-file has name Pnnn.pdf, in which nnn is paper number in three digit. In the case of paper 34 the zip package has file name It includes a directory P034-texfiles and the file P034.pdf.
  • Login to the EJC Paper Portal by using the "Paper Submission Interface". In login please use your paper code and password given by the system as login information;
  • Upload your paper to the system according to the guidelines given in the EJC Paper Portal

The zip-package may be re-uploaded - the latest upload is valid.

Free tools for packing / unpacking and producing pdf-files: