Call for Workshop Papers on Software Engineering (THAISE)

August 07, 2015

Call for Workshop Papers

Workshop on Software Engineering (THAISE)

The THAISE workshop provides a forum for people to discuss current topics in software engineering research and practices. This workshop will provide opportunities for researchers to exchange and discuss innovative scientific and engineering ideas at a state before they have matured to warrant journal publication.
The workshop also serves as incubators for scientific ideas or new scientific communities that form and share a particular research agenda. The workshop will cover a broad range of research topics in software engineering. They include, but are not limited to:
Agile software development
Automatic and (self-) adaptive systems
Cloud computing
Component-based software engineering
Configuration management and deployment
Cooperative, distributed, and collaborative software
Debugging, fault localization, and repair
Dependability, safety, and reliability
Education of software engineering
Embedded software
Empirical software engineering
End-user software engineering
Formal methods
Green and sustainable technologies
Human factors and social aspects of software engineering
Human-computer interaction
Middleware, frameworks, and APIs
Mining software engineering repositories
Mobile applications
Model-driven engineering
Open source software engineering
Parallel, distributed, and concurrent systems
Program analysis
Program comprehension
Programming languages
Requirement engineering
Reverse engineering
Security, privacy and trust
Software architecture
Software data mining
Software economics and metrics
Software eco-system
Software evolution and maintenance
Software process
Software product lines
Software testing
Software visualization
Specification and modeling languages
Validation and verification

Paper Submission

Regular papers, written in English, need to be formatted according to the IEEE format with maximum of 6 pages. In order to increase participation, we will also accept shorter (3 pages) position papers. A position paper should include POSITION PAPER in the title. The authors must submit your papers in PDF to EasyChair (

More Information

For more information please visit our website ( ) or contact Aziz Nanthaamornphong ( or Kiyota Hashimoto (

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